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About me: Day 4

 Day 4

Write your outlook on drugs and alcohol.

Okay, so I can't really group these two into the same category, since my outlook on them are two completely different things. So I'll just deal with them individually.

  • Drugs: No. Just no. I can't stand them. I have seen what they can do to a person (not me, but quite a few people I know). There's a reason they are illegal. And I don't care about this whole "legalize marijuana" stuff. It may not be as strong, it may have some medicinal values, but there will always be people who take advantage of that. It's called a "gateway drug" for a reason. I just really really hate drugs. Just no.
  • Alcohol: Okay, here I'm a little split. I have no problem with alcohol, under the right circumstances. Personally, I think drinking is overrated and underage drinking is just stupid, but hey, whatever. I was raised in a household where alcohol was never a big deal, so once I hit my teens (and all through them, even now, at 17, when you'd think I would be out with the rest of them), I was never struck by the urge to go out and drink, just to rebel. But I have nothing against it. Sure, I have seen what an excess of alcohol can do to a person, and I've witnessed the after-effects of too much drinking the morning after, but I still have nothing against it in moderation. It's really just the whole underage, binge drinking that I have a problem with. Usually because I end up being the babysitter, since I'm the only one that doesn't drink....