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Writer's Block: Born again

If you were reincarnated as an animal, which would you choose to be in your next life, and why?

I would be a cat. People who know me would have a pretty good idea why, but I might as well explain anyway. First off, my hubby always calls me his little kitty cat, and it has become a bit of a joke between us whenever one of my cats comes over and sits on my lap/computer/face. He always asks me to translate what they're saying, because, after all, I'm a cat aren't I?

Second, I do have very feline tendencies. I'm sly, flexible, agile, smart, I meow, I purr, I love getting the bottom of my chin tickled......wait, what? I'm seriously none of those things!!

Okay, so cats are just cool okay? And adorable!! Seriously, if I had to be reincarnated, I think karma should be on my side and give me a lazy life of laying in the sun and getting my tummy rubbed. I've had a hard enough time already.