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About me: Day 2

Day 2 

Write five things that not many people know about you.

  1. Unless you happened to take Phys. Ed. 10 with me, you would have no idea that I'm pretty beast with a sword. During our fencing unit, no one wanted to spar me, because I was "too beast".
  2. I am obsessed with strawberries. Anything that's made with strawberries, tastes like strawberries or smells like strawberries and I'm there! Also why I am a closet-fan of the colour pink.
  3. I hate eating with forks and spoons. Okay, I hate cutlery in general. I would much rather use chopsticks.
  4. I am a total adrenaline junkie. I love thrill rides. Not those silly rides at the carnival/fair that look like they were put up in about 5 seconds (those terrify me, to be honest), but the big roller coasters and rides at big theme parks, like Universal, Disney, and Wonderland. Love them!
  5. I have suffered with undiagnosed depression for last 3-4 years. I've tried to kill myself a couple of times. I've only just started to tell people in the last few months.