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About me: Day 3

Day 3

Create a list of all your favourite things to do when you're off from school.

  • Sleep in. Isn't this kind of a no-brainer?
  • Eat whenever I want. I hate having set "times" for meals, because I'm never hungry at the same time everyday. So when I'm home, I eat what I want when I want (Okay, that makes me sound like a huge pig. I just mean that if I'm hungry at 2:30 instead of noon, I'll eat my lunch then)
  • Watch old cartoons. I rarely watch TV, with the exception of the news in the morning and a series or two (Okay...so Glee and Big Bang Theory....), or if there's a good movie on. But when I'm home from school, especially if it's traditionally a school day, or if I'm the only one home, I turn on Teletoon Retro and watch a whole bunch of old, classic cartoons.
  • Talk to my hubby. Okay, this is a given, considering I do this whenever I get the chance to, in and out of school. I just grasp at the opportunity to talk to him alone when i'm home, without having to worry about teachers noticing and whatnot.
  • Hair and makeup. Okay, yeah, I'm a girl. Big shock! And it happens that I get bored (I'm human! Also shock!). And sometimes, when I'm really bored, and feeling really girly, I'll do my hair and makeup. For no reason. It's not like I'm going anywhere, and chances are I'm staying in my sweats. But it's fun. Also a chance to try different things with my hair and makeup that I wouldn't normally try when I know I have to be somewhere and I don't know how they'll turn out.
  • Organize. Alright, so this is only for when I get really desperate. For some reason, I end up cleaning or reorganizing my room. It's weird. Happened to me yesterday, actually....